Renzushah welcomes SAC decision

Kashmir Society International (KSI) chairman Khawaja Renzushah today expressed surprise over, what he said, the divisive and confrontational statements by one time employee of the  Education department and leaders of leftist parties of Kashmir, opposing the recent SAC decision of handing over of Anganwari to PanchayatNizam,  SPCI (State Panchayat Conference of India .)

“Not only Anganwarinizam but education system in Kashmir with all  its education institutions  should be kept under Panchayat  system.  Panchayat monitoring will help education machinery, which is over radicalized and politicized. Same is necessary for Waqaf Board and libraries, which are over scripted with Farhangi ideologies and Farhangi literature. PanchayatNizam can reverse situation and help introduce Sufi literature which is the need of the hour,”  Renzushah said.  He appreciated the decision of the Governor’s administration  to strengthen PanchayatNizam in Jammu and Kashmir.