Reopening schools can worsen COVID19 situation: DAK

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Friday said reopening schools amid spike in COVID19 cases could worsen the situation crisis.

“Reopening schools while COVID is still circulating widely could accelerate virus transmission in the community,” said DAK President Dr Nisar ul Hassan. “With cases rising thick and fast, opening schools could further deteriorate the situation, the effect of which could be worse than what has happened.”

DAK President said studies have shown that children were as likely to be infected with COVID19 as adults. He said flu was just around the corner and most children were unvaccinated which puts them at risk.

“Children tend not to follow social distancing and are not particular about personal hygiene. The existing infrastructure of most schools can be fertile grounds for virus transmission,” he said. “We understand the impact of prolonged closure of schools on children, but we are not in a favorable situation to open schools.”