Reports of scrapping Article 35A have created hysteria: Muzaffar Baig

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) patron, Muzaffar Hussain Baig, Friday said the current raging controversy relating to abrogation or retention of Articles 35-A and 370 has created an environment of hysteria, particularly in the Kashmir valley.

“Those conversant with the two well founded judgements of the Supreme Court relating to Article 370 are fully aware that the apex court has in effect held Article 370 as a permanent feature of the Constitution. Therefore, in a law-abiding state, there should have been no controversy generated about the aforesaid provisions of the constitution, more so, because the said articles have been in force since over 65 years without creating any problems for the Indian state,” Baig said in a statement.

“Pertinently, provisions akin to Article 35-A are also available to several other states of the Indian union,” he added.

“Regretfully, the different voices emerging from the Centre on the sensitive issue have confounded the issue on ground. This coupled with large scale deployment of security forces in the valley of Kashmir and adjacent regions, has created a fast aggravating situation of chaos and uncertainty which is harmful for the State as well as the Union,” Baig said. The PDP patron said in his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi more than a month ago, he had raised this issue. “In the meeting I did not find him hostile to my concerns, rather found him fairly positive. I hope sanity prevails enabling us to steer through the avoidable state of chaos and confusion,” he added.