Reserve govt jobs only for J&K youth: Hakeem Yaseen

Chairman Peoples Democratic Front Hakeem Yaseen on Friday urged the central government to reserve all available vacant government jobs for local youth of J&K. In a statement, Yaseen said if the government of Madhya Pradesh can reserve all government jobs for its local unemployed youth, why the Center was “hell bent to usurp employment rights of J&K youth.”

Yaseen said that Center should amend the new domicile and recruitment rules to ensure that all the locally available government jobs were kept reserved for local educated unemployed youth. He said due to the central government’s double standards and step motherly treatment, youth of J&K were very much dejected and see their future as totally dark and uncertain.

He cautioned that playing with the future of J&K youth was fraught with disastrous repercussions for the overall interests of the country. “Onus is on the Centre leadership to rise to the occasion and come up to the expectations of the youth so that their alienation and despair was addressed,” Yaseen said. He said due to disadvantageous geographically    location, there were almost negligible industries in J&K, which has further choked the already scare job markets.

“Under these conditions, it was imperative to create more employment avenues for the youth of J&K, instead of snatching from them existing government job vacancies,” he said. Yaseen said his party would use all democratic means to seek protection for the employment rights of the local youth and would also apprise the Central leadership about the possible fallouts of usurping employment rights of the J&K youth.