Revenue officials' workload has increased manifold: AJKPA

Greater Kashmir

All J&K Patwar Association (AJKPA) Sunday said that workload on revenue functionaries, especially Patwaris had increased manifold over the years and there was a need to reorganise the Patwar Halqas and Naibats.

Talking to media persons here, AJKPA General Secretary Syed Danish Qadri said that this demand had also been raised by most people during ‘Back to Village’ programmes.

“The workload of the revenue functionaries, especially Patwaris has increased manifold over the years and it is humanly impossible for these employees to do justice with multiple assignments given to them in a time-bound manner,” he said.

Qadri said that the Patwaris were asked to issue revenue records to the people, prepare verification records for various certificates applied by the students, employees and the common masses.

“Not only this, Patwaris are also responsible for going on-the-spot visits to places like gutted residential houses and commercial properties. There are numerous tasks we are given and asked to complete in a time-bound manner,” he said.

Qadri said that it results in huge inconvenience not only to the Patwaris but also to the general public at large.

“Ideally one Patwarhalqa should not have more than three to four villages depending upon the size of the village. Similarly, the Girdawar circle should not have more than two to three Patwarhalqas for proper supervision of the work, especially preparation of Jamabandhies, conduct of Girdawaries and mutations,” he said.

Qadri said that there had been uneven expansion of various revenue units as well in the recent past.

He said that no attention had been given to the creation of new Patwar Halqas and Girdawar circles with the result one Girdawar was looking after Girdawar circles spread over more than one Niabat at a few places. “The position has not only created confusion but also hampered smooth functioning of public work,” Qadri said.

He said that there was a dire need of reorganisation of Patwar Halqas and Girdawar circles for which authorities would set up a committee.

Appealing Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to personally look into the matter, Qadri said, “Our other demands include grade pay of graduate patwaris, placement of GQs to the post of naib tehsildar, timely DPC of Patwaris and GQs.”

He said that Patwaris should also be paid rent for their working places.

“At present there are about 1600 Patwar halqas in J&K and reportedly only 335 Patwar Khanas have been constructed. Therefore, the majority of the Patwaris have to hire private accommodation for establishing their offices and security of revenue records,” Qadri said.

He said that no rent was provided by the government for these Patwar Khanas and Patwaris had to pay from their own pocket.

“This is highly unjustified where an employee has to hire official accommodation by paying out of his own pocket,” he said.