Right time to restore 4G internet in J&K: BJP

In the wake of Coronavirus scare, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) on Monday urged the Lt Governor, GC Murmu for immediate restoration of 4G internet service in Jammu and Kashmir.

“To promote virtual social interaction in the society and to maintain social distancing which is paramount to fight deadly virus, the high speed internet facility is the need of the hour,” said a statement issued by party’s chief spokesman Sunil Sethi.

He said the move would help people to cope-up with the prevailing unprecedented situation.

“It is appropriate time now to consider allowing the use of 4G internet,” he said.

Sethi said the covid-19 threat can be fought by taking appropriate preventive measures and social distancing was very important aspect of it.

“With improvement in security situation and the need for keeping population indoors it will be helpful if 4G internet service is restored to allow people to interact with their near ones by social media,” he said.

He noted restoration of the service will also help professionals and government officials to work from home.

The senior BJP leader stressed that restoration of fast internet will also help students to prepare for their studies during the time of forced stay at home to save their precious time which otherwise may remain unutilized.

“Fast internet will also help business community immensely during time of lock down, whether partial or full, as per need and requirement,” he said.

“In case the community is able to self-quarantine, home stay, there are bright chances to reduce the community spread of the virus, which will be easily manageable for the administration,” he said.