River Betha Mouj being polluted

Greater Kashmir

Karnah, Dec 27: The inhabitants of this tehsil in district kupwara have expressed concern over the narrowing and polluting of river “Betha Mouj”.
Originating   from Shamisbari Mountains at a height of 1800 metres, the river is locally known as “Betha Mouj”as it irrigates the entire agricultural land and feeds majority population. However, over the time, a lot of  construction has come up on its banks and a huge dumping of garbage has taken place along the two  sides of the river reducing it to a stick- like stretch from upper Nachian till Dringla.
“In the past,the water of the river was used for drinking purposes for both human beings and   animals and it used to be a potent source of irrigation. Besides, water had a medicinal effect. Ironically, we have spoiled it for nothing just in the name of construction and development and have reduced the size of river to mere a canal,” said a local Peerzada Zahoor.
“For just material and meager gains, the illegal extraction of sand and bajree, has caused a serious damage to its banks and there is no check and control from any quarter at all. Many a times, we apprised the authorities of the serious threats linked with it but to no avail,” he said.