Royal College of Physicians Glasgow UK nominates Dr Muzaffar Ahmad for prestigious fellowship

Royal college of physicians Glasgow  in its meeting  has nominated Dr Muzaffar Ahmad for the prestigious fellowship of the Royal college,a  statement said.

 It said that the fellowship is awarded globally to the persons of eminence for their contribution in the field of medicine. “ The nomination for the fellowship to DrMuzaffar Ahmad has been made for his significant contribution for development of emergency and disaster medicine in India, and providing leadership for capacity development in disaster medicine , and also  introducing and propagating concept of simulations  on emergencies in vulnerable states of India, he has been the pioneer in starting Indo UK faculty development programme for disaster medicine which has been first of its initiative in India,” the statement added.

Dr Muzaffar Ahmad is  considered as an expert of national and international eminence in the area of Disaster risk reduction and management, He has  been instrumental in formulating more than 8 National Guidelines on  the important subjects including school safety  and hospital safety, the statement said.