Sagar rues 'Govt apathy' over power crisis in Kashmir

National Conference (NC) General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar Wednesday expressed dismay over the prevailing power crisis in Kashmir, saying that the longer and unscheduled power cuts had disturbed the daily lives of people.

A statement of NC issued here said that while addressing scores of delegations, who had called on him from different parts of Kashmir, Sagar drew the attention of the administration towards the inability of the consumers to pay hefty electricity bills and said that the economic activities including tourism and horticulture had come to a grinding halt in the wake of the subsequent clampdown and lockdowns since August last year.

“It is infeasible for the consumers to pay exorbitant tariff. Despite this, the administration has failed to ensure adequate power supply to the consumers. When it comes to ensuring round-the-clock facilities to the consumers, the administration is found sulking. It is only at the time of serving bills that the administration swings into action. This reveals how naive the incumbent administration is towards the mounting problems of people,” he said in the statement.

Sagar said that people, especially the salaried class and daily wagers find themselves in dire straits completely unable to pay hefty electricity bills.

“The situation of the people engaged with small and medium businesses is no different and the poor lot is reeling under huge debts,” he said. “State governments across the country are taking a slew of measures to provide succor to the people to tide over the major slump that the economy is facing.”

The NC general secretary said that the continuous absence of any vital business activity had plunged people into destitution and poverty, unable to make ends meet, not to talk about paying hefty bills.

He said that the local administration should have taken a clue from the other state governments that worked out a mega relief package for commercial as well as non-commercial electricity consumers.

“Nationally, we see how the state governments are reducing power tariff, granting waivers, providing subsidies but nothing of that sort is being done here to assuage the problems of the people,” Sagar said in the statement. “Since October, ever since J&K administration shut its offices in Srinagar to move to Jammu, entire Kashmir division has literally plunged into darkness with elderly, students and patients at the receiving end.”

NC Provincial President, Kashmir, NasirAslamWani and Provincial Secretary Showkat Mir were also present on the occasion, the statement said.