Samagra Shiksha trains over 33,000 teachers under IMPACT training programme

Around 33,510 grade II and grade III teachers have completed a one-month training programme in the School Education Department. The training is being given for capacity building of the teachers working in the School Education Department.

The Integrated Multidisciplinary Professional Advancement Course for Teachers (IMPACT) training was conducted by the Directorate of Samagra Shiksha, J&K.

The newly-framed training course was introduced in J&K on need basis for enhancement in teaching techniques of the teachers after a team from NCERT led by Director Prof Hrushikesh Senapaty visited Kashmir in January 2020.

“The IMPACT is the first training course where our focus has shifted from content mastery to competence mastery. Thus content load will be less and children will get more exposure and experiential learning with emphasis on teaching life skills in an integrated manner rather than just emphasis on cognitive skills,” Project Director Samagra, ArunManhas said.

The IMPACT package including 10 modules has been developed by the faculty members of NCERT, New Delhi and 16 experts from J&K which are provided to the participants on the first day of training.

“Based on need assessment, a one-month course was developed with the objectives to raise the competencies of these teachers to address the needs of diverse students in their classrooms and promote professional development, teaching skills, master new knowledge, develop new proficiency, which in turn will help improve students’ learning,” he said.

The training course was introduced to ensure that the teachers will have effective and successful classroom transactions through capacity building and empowerment programmes and improve learning outcomes of our students.

“The training course was conducted in three phases which include face-to-face mode for five days, field work for 21 days and reflection and assessment for three days,” Manhas said, adding that the teachers were provided with the knowledge, understanding and skills on the generic concerns during the training programme.

“The training course has been introduced to ensure that the teachers would have effective and successful classroom transactions through capacity building and empowerment programmes and to improve learning outcomes of our students,” he said.

Project Director Samagra said after attending a five-days training programme, the teachers use these new techniques in the field by visiting community classes and teaching the students with the new teaching methods.

“The purpose of the teaching is to enable teachers to learn new teaching techniques for the benefit of students in government schools,” he said.

Besides IMPACT, the government has also introduced a new training programme NISHTHA for capacity building of general line teachers in the department.

The training programme is aimed at capacity building programme for improving quality of school education through Integrated Teacher Training.

“It aims to build competencies among all the teachers and school principals at the elementary stage,” Manhas said.

The basic objective of this massive training programme is to motivate and equip teachers to encourage and foster critical thinking among the students.