Scanty presence of Kashmiris in selection lists worrying: NC

National Conference on Thursday said the “microscopic presence” of local youth in selection lists to various courses in local Universities was shocking and worrisome.

While interacting with scores of student delegations at party headquarters here, the party’s Women’s Wing President Shameema Firdous, in a statement said, local students cry discrimination in higher education sector saying the sparse presence of local students to LLB admissions in CUK was a point in case.

“Ever since the state was unconstitutionally and undemocratically rescinded of its status, there has been no cessation of such measures which aim to disenfranchise the people of J&K. This particular decline represents the operational aspect of the big measures taken in August last year. But prima facie, the scanty presence of local youth in selection lists for higher studies corresponds to the larger objectives which is to deny the local youth education opportunities,” she said.

She said the measures will particularly hit female students, who will find it difficult to acquire higher studies outside J&K. she said the discrimination will also affect the students from poorer families.

“How will the poor students afford to pay exorbitant capitation and monthly fees in private Universities elsewhere? If this rampant discrimination continues and the government on its part fails to address the inequality and discrimination, in longer run it will change the literacy scenario in J&K, and female students who aspire to go for higher studies will be at the receiving end,” she said.