School peon gets Rs 55 'salary" per month

Ali Muhammad Lone, 55, of  Zoonareshi Chowkibal is working as peon in school education department since 1982.  At the time of his engagement, his monthly emoluments were fixed as Rs 10. More than three decades down the line, he is now getting a measly Rs 55 per month.

“Since 1982, besides the day duty I have been working as night watchman for Primary School Zoonareshi,” Lone said.

Lone has made several pleas to the authorities seeking enhancement in his emoluments, but they have not been considered.

“More than five lakh employees and pensioners in the state have been benefited by the implementation of the 7th pay commission recommendations with effect from January 2016 but I still get Rs 55,” he said.

“Nobody is listening to me. I work been working round the clock in the school,” he said. 

“I have lost self-respect even in my family. Children are taunting me for wasting my life in serving government literally for free,” he said, adding that his grandchildren “make fun of me for getting so low a salary.”