SDH Tral: Single doctor attends to 150 patients during night duty

Heavy patient rush and lack of requisite number of doctors during night hours leads to chaotic scenes here in south Kashmir’s Sub District Hospital (SDH) Tral.

According to sources, doctors and para-medics are somehow managing the huge influx of patients during the day time here but after 4.00 PM the healthcare in the hospital turns worse.

Located in the hilly area, the hospital is one of the crowded healthcare facilities in the sub-district catering to a population of more than hundred villages. Though three to four doctors see the patients in the hospital OPD during the day time which approximately registers thousand patients a month, however, during the night hours a single doctor has to handle the patients visiting the hospital for emergency treatment.

Chaotic and noisy scenes can be witnessed in the hospital after 4 PM due to the huge rush of patients needing emergency care. This reporter on Thursday night heard many patients and attendants screaming in anger over the hospital authorities after a single doctor on duty failed to handle the patient rush.

Many people posted the videos of the helplessness of patients on social networking sites, questioning the government over lack of doctors at the hospital.

“This hospital is only hope for hundreds of villages. Most of the patients visiting the hospital in the evening hours need emergency care and many of them have to be admitted. How is it possible for a single doctor to handle such huge rush?” asked a local, Javaid Ahmad.

Another elderly man Ghulam Rasool who was attending his ailing mother told Greater Kashmir, it is bizzare that hospital authorities just depute a single doctor for night duty in such an overcrowded hospital.

A source inside the hospital said that most of the doctors hesitate to perform night duties and hospital administration somehow bring doctors from primary health centers.

“See we have to face the ire of both the hospital management and patients. It is actually the failure of the authorities that mess up the things every evening here. Even the locals have demanded at least two doctors to be deputed for night duty but authorities don’t give a damn about it,” said a doctor wishing not to get quoted.

The patient rush at times, he added, delays his dinner upto midnight.

“Had there been two doctors on night duty there would have been no such chaotic scenes,” the doctor said.

Locals said that they have many times approached authorities requesting them to improve the healthcare at the hospital keeping in view its location and patient influx but nothing was done.

An official from the health department said that he will take up the matter with the government. “This hospital should obviously have two doctors during night hours. Bit now I will take up the matter with government,” he said.