Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, July 18: Several separatist organizations have denounced the alleged beating and chasing to death of a class 7th student, Faizan Rafiq Buhroo son of Muhammad Rafiq of Jalal Sahab Varmul by the SOG men on Saturday.
 In a statement, Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman, Advocate Zahid Ali said, “The bloodbath is going on unabated, but still the Government of India is unmoved and the national media is engaged in vicious campaign of connecting this movement to Lashkar-e-Toiba to mislead the world.”
 The Mahaz-e-Azadi President, Mir Muhammad Iqbal said, “on one hand, India beats drums of peace and on the other, the troopers continue to kill Kashmiris at will.”
 About the recent Indo-Pak foreign ministerial meeting, he said the outcome was on the expected lines as India continues to show rigidity and stubbornness in its approach towards Kashmir adding both countries must involve Kashmiri leadership in the discourse. “Engaging Kashmiri leadership in the dialogue will be the biggest confidence building measure between the two neighbouring countries,” he said
 Condemning the killing, the acting chairman of Jammu Kashmir Peoples League, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza said the troopers were targeting innocent Kashmiris, which was intolerable. He said the troopers and policemen were on the killing spree in valley.
 He said the dialogue between Pakistan and India would not succeed until India agrees to resolve the Kashmir issue.