'Shiv Sena politician's remarks on J&K's special status attest political bankruptcy'

National Conference on Monday condemned the comments of Shiv Sena leader as reflective of his party’s backstairs politics and his functional illiteracy about J&K’s history.

Rejecting the comments of Shiv Sena leader, Sanjay Raut, wherein he reportedly asked those who want the status of J&K restored should get their DNAs tested, the party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said, “The comments attest to the political bankruptcy. It seems to be his past time to comment on every issue without having idea about it. We don’t need anyone to serve us lectures on nationalism. He comes from a party and ideology which was hand in gloves with colonial powers.  Here we have a person like him serve us lecture whose own party and bigoted ideology was averse to Indian independence,” he said

Imran said let Raut put his own house in order before commenting on other issues where he or his party has zero stakes. He said the signatories of the Gupkar Declaration were not seeking anything out of the ambit of Constitution.

“The PAGD is reflective of people’s real aspirations. I fail to understand what makes it anti-national to voice for the restoration of our rights as are enshrined in the Constitution. We aren’t seeking anything outside the ambit of Constitution,” he said