Sikh United Front welcomes Kathua verdict, calls for death penalty to child rapists

Welcoming the verdict in Kathua gangrape-murder case, Sikh United Front Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday urged the government to strictly implement the amendments in Ranbir Renal Code (RPC) to pay way for death penalty to child rapists.

“The state government should strictly implement the amendment in RPC by incorporating section 376 A and B whereby any offence under this section against a child below 12 years of age will make the culprit to face the death penalty especially in case of rape and sexual abuse of a child below 12 years,” Sikh United Front chairman S Sudershan Singh Wazir said while addressing the media men in Jammu.

He said that the “historic” verdict in Rassana rape and murder case is a big blow for those who were bent upon politicizing the crime of the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl.

Wazir also lauded the Jammu and Kashmir State Crime Branch for conducting the investigation in a highly professional manner and also commended the prosecutors for maintaining highest standards of legal acumen.

On Monday, a Special court in Pathankot convicted six out of seven accused in the Kathua case out of which three were given lifer while other three were given five years imprisonment.