Soz seeks expulsion of Vikramaditya from Congress

Forces violating SOP due to lethal AFSPA, says Soz

Former union minister, Prof Saifuddin Soz today reacted sharply to Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh terming his remarks on the 1931 martyrs as “obnoxious.”

In a statement here today Soz said the “obnoxious remarks” made by Vikramaditya Singh on the martyrdom of innocent Kashmiris massacred on 13 July 1931 deserve strongest condemnation.

He said the right course for Vikramaditya Singh was to travel to Nagpur and “beg for the membership of the RSS.”

Soz has also written to Congress President Rahul Gandhi in this regard and sought expulsion of Vikramaditya Singh from the party.

“I further told the Congress President that no condemnation of this obnoxious statement can save the Congress cadre from the bad impact of these remarks. I have argued with Rahul Gandhi that he must do his duty to the party and keep the cadre safe from the virus of all forms of communalism,” Soz in the statement said.

“I have further argued with Rahul Gandhi that it would be inviting trouble for the party if such a person continues to be in the Congress party nourishing the RSS ideology,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Soz has also demanded registration of FIR against Vikramaditya Singh.