Soz welcomes GoI's talks offer to Hurriyat

Forces violating SOP due to lethal AFSPA, says Soz

Senior Congress leader Saifudin Soz has welcomed the Government of India’s offer of talks with Hurriyat.

“I heartily welcome GoI’s offer of talks with the Hurriyat. I have a feeling that the Hurriyat and particularly JRL leadership should declare its intention of joining the talks,” Soz, said in a statement.

He said, “The Government of India’s intention to initiate talks with the Hurriyat will be welcomed by all sections of public opinion in the state, especially in Kashmir.”

Soz said, “Hurriyat Conference would be well advised to declare its intention to join the talks without laying any conditions.”

“The Hurriyat Conference should appreciate that Government of India has by its declaration realized the significance of the Hurriyat as the genuine representative of the people of Kashmir,” he said.

“It is an opportunity to break the deadlock and move forward to work resolutely for restoring dignified peace in the troubled Kashmir,” Soz added.