Soz writes to LG Sinha on dialogue move

Forces violating SOP due to lethal AFSPA, says Soz

Senior Congress leader Saifuddin Soz on Monday said he has communicated to Lt Governor Manoj Sinha that he “cannot achieve his purpose of dialogue” with J&K mainstream leaders, with “bureaucratic fetters around him.”

Soz said he wrote a letter to the LG asserting that if he wants a political dialogue in Kashmir, then “Kashmiris think that people like Chief Secretary could be a stumbling block.”

Soz said he suggested to the LG to be “clear in his mind on the dialogue process as unless he was free to handle discussion and dialogue with the mainstream leadership, there was no fun to initiate such a dialogue.” “I explained further that the people of Kashmir think that Lt Governor cannot achieve his purpose of a dialogue with bureaucratic fetters around him,” said Soz.