SRO-103 injustice with J&K youth: NC

National Conference (NC) leader Ahsan Pardesi Sunday demanded an immediate rollback of SRO-103, terming it gross injustice with the unemployed and educated youth of J&K.

In a statement issued here, Pardesi termed the new rules whimsical in nature and said, “The injudicious rules are fraught with dangerous consequences and will further push the educated and unemployed youth of J&K to the wall.”

He said the implementation of SRO-103 would add to the rising levels of frustration among the unemployed youth already suffering in absence of any viable private sector in J&K.

The NC statement quoted Pardesi as saying that the new rule would particularly hit those aspirants who are presently taking coaching for the civil services and have passed the upper age bar as per the new notification.

“The entire lot is at the receiving end because they have already squandered all their resources on the coaching,” he said in the statement. “It will be sheer injustice with those aspirants who for the past five years have toiled hard for the upcoming KAS-2021 examination.”

Pardesi said the aspirations of these aspirants stand spoiled and resources and time wasted.

“It is expected that the government will not let it happen,” he said in the statement.

Pardesi said that the youth in J&K had already been facing shrinking avenues of employment and that the new rule would add to their plight.

“There is no reason to reduce the age limit of civil services aspirants to 32 when the upper age limit in rest of the country even exceeds 38 and 40. The move will brew alienation among the youth,” he said in the statement.

Pardesi appealed the Government of India and Lieutenant Governor ManojSinha to address the genuine grievances of the civil services aspirants of J&K by repealing the SRO-103.