SSP Irshad bereaved

Qazi Alif Din, the father of Senior Superintendent of Police Muhammad Irshad passed away in Dardunia village in Poonch Tuesday night. He was 105.

He was laid to rest Wednesday morning at his ancestral graveyard where hundreds participated in his funeral. People from every walk of life condoled over his death.

Born in 1915, in village KalaiTeh Haveli in Poonch, Din migrated to Rawalpandi during 1947 for a brief period but returned to his native village Kalai.

He married in 1951 from the same village but his wife died in 1966, leaving behind six children. He remarried in the year 1968 and had three children from his second marriage.

Din was a renowned arbiter of Poonch district and came to be known as a Qazi on account of his extraordinary ability to resolve vexed disputes across PirPanchal region. He was consulted by judicial and executive magistrates on numerous occasions about several issues.

Din lived a life devoted to public service.