Sumo drivers 'overcharge' on Rangreth route: Commuters

The sumo drivers plying on Rangreth route are ignoring the fare chart issued for them by the transport department, a group of commuters alleged.

“Earlier we used to pay 10 rupees from Rangreth/Wanabal to Sanat Nagar (3-kilometer distance) but now they charge us 15 rupees for the same distance and 20 rupees from Rangreth/Wanabal to Baghat Chowk (5-kilometer distance),” a group of commuters said.

In the newly published rate list there is a hike of 8 to 10 percent on the existing fare, which means as increase of over Rs 1 to the existing fare of Rs 10 and 15.

Residents of Rangreth, Wanabal and adjoining areas accused the transport department of failing to enforce Government prescribed passenger fare charges.

The resident complained that the common man is forced to pay extra as per the will of sumo drivers.

Zahoor Ahmad a resident of Wanabal said due to lack of check by the concerned department, transporters are taking undue advantage of this. “We are left with no option, but to pay according to the will of drivers,” he said.

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