'Take holistic review of Muharram preparations'

File Photo of Gh Hassan Mir

Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) leader Ghulam Hassan Mir on Thursday urged the government to ensure proper arrangements in view of Muharram.

In a statement, Mir said the administration should put in place all the requisite arrangements and ensure the mourners were not subjected to any kind of inconvenience across Jammu and Kashmir.

“JKAP calls upon the divisional administrations of Jammu and Kashmir divisions to take a holistic review of the preparations for the smooth observance of this holy month,” he said.

Emphasizing on the special arrangements that need to be made in prevailing situation that has emerged due to COVID19 pandemic, Mir said besides providing uninterrupted water and power supply during the auspicious days, the government must ensure fumigation of all Imambaras and provide free of cost masks and hand sanitizers to the devotees.

“The government should take all precautions and ensure strict implementation of social and health protocols through the religious heads at Imambaras so as to stem the spread of deadly coronavirus. All the departments must work in tandem so that Muharram mourners may not face any kind of inconvenience,” he said. The JKAP leader also appealed to the people, especially Muharram mourners to follow all SOPs and guidelines to avoid getting infected with deadly coronavirus.