Tarigami, Er Rasheed, Hakeem Yaseen, others pay tributes to July 13, 1931 martyrs

Politicians and others have paid rich tributes to July 13, 1931 martyrs.

CPI (M) leader M Y Tarigami in a statement said, “the day is to be commemorated as the struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for upholding the values of democracy, social justice and human values. It is a historic event in J&K state and its significance will remain for future generations as well.”

“Unfortunately there are voices which are distorting the significance and role of these martyrs. There is an attempt to portrait the day as an event related to Kashmir only while the fact remains that it laid down the basis for re-structuring the whole society on democratic lines. It is sometime being projected as a movement against Dogras which is also a distortion. Those valiant people fought against autocratic tyranny and laid down their lives for building a new society, free from exploitation and oppression. Their sacrifices contributed in laying down foundations for democracy in the state. Such sacrifices of our heroes should not be allowed to be exploited by vested interests to divide the people on the lines of region, caste and creed,” Tarigami added.

President of  Democratic Party Nationalist and former minister Ghulam Hassan Mir in a statement said,  “The 1931 martyrs gave sacrifices for changing the political situation and to empower the people politically as well as economically. While a certain breakthrough has been made, but the fact is that people of the state have been made economically more and more dependent.”

President of Awami Ithad Party Er Rasheed in a statement said, “Those who sacrificed their lives, gave their blood for a better future of their generations but the fact is that Kashmiris have seen nothing changing, except getting rid of autocratic rule of Maharaja but finding themselves in a more humiliating and miserable situation at the hands of democratically elected governments from 1947 till date.”

Chairman of Peoples Democratic Front Hakeem Yaseen in a statement said, “Sacrifices of the valiant martyrs will continue to inspire people of the state to fight for their rights, dignity and justice.”

He expressed dismay over exploitation of the sacrifices of the 13 July Martyrs, by some opportunistic political parties of the state for their petty interests.

J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar in a statement said, “the Bar Association expects that the people of Kashmir will carry forward the mission of July 13 martyrs for which they have sacrificed a lot in terms of men and material, for the past 70 years.”

Jamiat-e-Hamadania chief Moulana Riyaz Hamadani in a statement said “these martyrs are pioneers of all political struggles in the state.”

 He also paid homage to Mujahid Ahmadullah Hamadani on his 81st anniversary.