Tarigami protests outside Raj Bhavan, demands farm laws rollback

Seeking revocation of farm laws, CPI (M) senior leader Muhammad YousufTarigami Saturday held a protest demonstration outside the Raj Bhavan in Jammu.

A statement of CPI (M) issued here said that while talking to reporters after the protest, he said, “I demand revocation of farm laws. The government should not snatch bread and butter of the farmers for the corporate and revoke farm laws implemented without consensus with the farmers and state governments.”

Ruing that the government was adamant on its decision, Tarigami said in the statement that the farmers did not want violence.

“The people of the country want the revocation of farm laws,” he said in the statement. “The corporate can be the government’s friend but it is the people that make the government and if BJP is in power, it is because of the common people not the Ambanis and the Adanis.”