The Mist released at Dolphin International School

Greater Kashmir

The Mist: A journey though words a book written by Sheikh Mahiruqh was released today at Dolphin International School, Pulwama.

According to a statement, “The book launch was a part of the Talk to Know (T2K) series that the school opens for its students each year to promote learning by exposure to its students. The event was organised completely by students of Dolphin International School and began with a sweet song composed by one of the students for Mahiruqh. After a series of readings from the book being launched by the chief guests and the author herself, the book was officially unveiled by the Chairperson of the school, Farooq Fazli, the Principal, Lopa Shah and the literary guests. Present in the audience were a group of alumni and fellow batchmates of Mahiruqh, who cheerfully encouraged her journey through the book,” the statement reads.