They joined militancy together, died together

They joined militancy together, died together

Farida Begum, mother of Mudasir, who was inconsolable after hearing the news of her son’s death, said she never wanted separation from her son like this.

Two teenagers from Hajin area of northern Bandipora district, who were killed in a gunfight in Mujgund area on the outskirts of Srinagar, had reportedly joined militancy together. Mudasir Ahmad Parrey and Saqib Bilal Sheikh—aged 14 and 17 respectively—had gone missing from their homes in August this year and joined the militant ranks together.

A student of class 9, Mudasir, who hailed from KhankhaMohalla, was the youngest militant from Hajin locality, while Saqib Bilal Sheikh from ParreyMohalla was a student of class 11.

Both Mudasir and Saqib had gone missing from their homes on August 31—the day an encounter took place in Parr MohallaHajin in which three Pakistani militants were killed.

According to the police, both the teenagers had formally the joined militant ranks on October 15.

Farida Begum, mother of Mudasir, who was inconsolable after hearing the news of her son’s death, said she never wanted separation from her son like this.

“I was not aware about my son’s plunge into militancy after he went missing. Had I been aware of this, I would have never allowed him to go out of home. I would have caged him because I didn’t want a separation from my son like this”, she said, and broke down.

Scores of women from the neighbourhood tried to console her, but failed.

Recently, a picture of Mudasir, holding an AK-47 rifle and a knife, had gone viral on social networking sites. The police claimed that the picture was three-month-old.

Mudasir’s mother said he left home on Friday (31 August) at around 11 am and never came back. 

“We came to know about his joining militancy when his picture went viral on Wednesday. After that we made fervent appeals to him to come back as he was our only hope”, she said. Mudasir’s family resides in a tin-shed. He is survived by his parents, an elder brother and a younger sister. 

“His father is a chronic patient who recently underwent a surgery. I am myself a heart patient. Mudasir was studying in class 9 and would also work as a labourer on part-time basis to help the family financially. He was the lone bread-winner for us because my other son is handicapped,” she said.

According to family members of Saqib, he left home at around 11.30 am on Friday (31 August) and “we had no clue about him for about a month.”

“He sent a communication to us that he had joined militant ranks but we didn’t meet him during these three months. He was on a righteous path and I am happy that he embraced martyrdom. I have no regrets over his death,” said Mehbooba Begum, mother of Saqib.

She said she has two children. 

One of them is elder than Saqib and studies in NavodiyaVidhaylay in Uri, while my daughter is younger than Saqib, Begum said.

“My elder son is not inclined towards militancy but Saqib was from the very beginning. He was a pious Muslim and would take part in freedom rallies in Hajin. I pray to the Almighty to accept his martyrdom,” she said.

Bodies of both the teenagers were handed over to their families late on Sunday evening and their funeral prayers will be held on Monday.