Third Front unhappy with PDP-BJP "alliance"

Third Front unhappy with PDP-BJP ''alliance''

The BJP and PDP believe that people of JK have a short memory and the two parties are trying to make the peoples’ memory shorter.

 A day after PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed cleared some air over forging ties with the BJP, the third front leaders in Kashmir Sunday asserted that the new honeymoon of “communal forces and their supporters” would be short-lived as the both parties have proved to be opportunistic.

The differences of Third Front leaders with the BJP and PDP alliance, seemingly shaping up, has also prompted the legislators like M  Y Tarigami, Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen and Engineer Abdur Rashid to rethink in whose favour they would vote in the upcoming Rajya Sabha polls slated for February 7. 


“The PDP-BJP alliance will be unholy, unprincipled and uncalled for,” said Tarigami, who won Assembly polls from Kulgam constituency of South Kashmir.


“Their honeymoon will be short-lived and I believe the new dispensation which is in the offing would crumble as both the parties are opportunistic.” 


Tarigami said he wonders why the two parties were keeping the alliance in abeyance if they had to tie a knot. “I think there was no necessity for Governor’s rule.


The BJP and PDP believe that people of JK have a short memory and the two parties are trying to make the peoples’ memory shorter,” he said.


“But I guess, a war like situation was created by the both parties during election campaign for Assembly polls. In Jammu BJP had launched a tirade against PDP. In Kashmir PDP was all fire against BJP as if war was going on.”

Taking a dig at the PDP patron’s assertions that they were trying to find a common ground to frame a Common Minimum Program(CMP), Tarigami said there is nothing common between the two parties except the “greed for sharing power.”

He said there are apprehensions that JK may witness further polarization in the coming months. Asked in whose favour he would use his vote in the upcoming RS polls, Tarigami said he will not vote in favour of communal forces and their supporters.


“I have to think now in whose favour I must use my vote,” he said.


Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen, who is also senior leader of the third front,  said in 1975, National Conference patriarch, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah told people that he didn’t get the chair for power but to fulfill a mission. “What was that mission, we still don’t know,” Yaseen said.


“Similarly, if we keenly scrutinize the speech of PDP patron on the alliance, it seems that he too is playing Sheikh.

Mufti has stated that he won’t compromise on the sentiments and the mandate, but by joining hands with BJP, what is he trying to prove?”


Yaseen said if PDP had to rub shoulders with BJP, why they left space open for the Governor’s rule. Yaseen too seems to be confused about using his vote in the RS polls.


“Our vote is precious and we have to use it cautiously now,” he said. Yaseen bagged Khansahib Assembly seat of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district.


Engineer Sheikh Abdur Rashid, said he is in a state of shock after the assertions made by PDP patron on the formation of government.


“I feel heart-broken,” said Rashid. “I have come to the conclusion that people of Kashmir must be taken to task. PDP has joined hands with a party that has anti-Muslim agenda and is known for communalizing things. People of Kashmir must introspect whether they voted for PDP-BJP alliance.”