This health centre in Bandipora was upgraded 4 years ago, only on papers

The Bonakoot sub-centre in Bandipora was upgraded to new type primary health centre (NTPHC) four years ago, but it lacks all the basic facilities.

The residents of Bonakoot said they have been deceived by the authorities about the upgradation of the centre promising to provide all the required facilities an NTPHC must have.

“But in reality, the health centre is still functioning as a sub-centre despite a signboard of NTPHC installed on the three-room ramshackle building in 2015. The authorities have deceived us saying the sub-centre has been upgraded and it will be provided with all the facilities,” said Nazir Ahmad, a local resident.

The villagers said that the health center has no facilities despite the fact that it caters to a huge population of more than five villages including Bonakoot, Panar, Tanghat, Athwatoo, and Vewan.

“The health center is functioning from a three-room ramshackle building which itself speaks volumes about the claims of the authorities. There is no doctor posted in this health facility,” said another local resident, Mohammad Sidiq.

He said that in 2015 the then CMO had removed the sub-center signboard with that of NTPHC to give an impression that it has been upgraded. “But in reality the health center has been upgraded on papers only as it has no facilities of an NTPHC.”

The residents said that the health center doesn’t have even space for an ambulance and they have to keep it in the lawns of a residential house.

The statement of the villagers was corroborated by the staff, saying that it has been upgraded only on papers as they still receive the medical supply as that of a sub-centre.

“The staff and facilities here are that of a sub-centre. We have a supervisor pharmacist, junior pharmacist, 2 FMPHWs, helper, sweeper and an ambulance driver here while an NTPHC must have a lady doctor, staff nurse, lab technician and an X-ray technician over and above the sub-centre staff,” an employee posted in the centre said.

He said that NTPHC must also have an X-ray lab and laboratory.

Block medical officer Bandipora, Dr. Syed Rahman, acknowledged that the health centre has been upgraded only on papers.

“Government is in the process of creating posts and other required facilities for these upgraded health centres. In coming months the required staff and facilities will be approved for these newly upgraded centres,” he assured.