Those burning schools not our well-wishers, says Hurriyat (G)

Those burning schools not our well-wishers, says Hurriyat (G)

‘Geelani again barred from offering Friday prayers’

The Hurriyat Conference (G) on Friday condemned disallowing its Chairman Syed Ali Geelani, who is under continued house arrest, from offering congregational Friday prayers. 

A Hurriyat (G) spokesperson in a statement condemned government’s “refusal” to allow Geelani to offer Friday prayers, continued siege of Jamia Masjid Srinagar, shifting of ailing senior pro-freedom leader Muhammad Yasin Malik to Central Jail and arresting Mirwaiz Umar Farooq ahead of ‘Jamia Masjid Chalo’ programme.

“Stopping an individual from performing his religious responsibilities is gross violation of human rights and interference in personel and religious rights. By doing so, the Indian rulers and their local voices have well explained the real essence of Indian secularism and their hollow slogans of religious freedom, individual liberties and equal rights are nothing but age-old deceitful slogans of the imperialistic mindset which they have been using to befool others,” the spokesperson said.   

Condemning the ‘siege’ of Central Jamia Masjid for the past 16 Fridays, the spokesperson said the local government has “purposefully joined hands with the preachers of Hindutva to implement the Nagpur (RSS headquarters) agenda.”

“They have waged a war against the whole community by forcefully preventing people from their prayers. Local administration is inching towards fulfillment of the long-cherished goal of RSS, which, long back, has claimed the land of Jammu and Kashmir, which has many Mandirs and other Hindu religious places. They have also outlined their nefarious and wicked designs of manipulating and changing the demography of the state in the garb of the developmental slogan, thereby adjusting and accommodating millions of Hindus,” it alleged.  

“We have already more than 10 lakh army soldiers capturing lakhs of kanals of our land and misusing our natural resources for the use in rest of India. They have demented (sic) and distributed our religious as well as cultural fabric beyond recognition and identification. We have no grievances or grudge against the apathy and numbness of the Indian rulers, but it is most pitiable and regretting that our own people are consumed happily and willfully in fulfillment of their agenda.”  

Meanwhile, Hurriyat (G) has condemned burning of school buildings in various areas of Kashmir. “All Parties Hurriyat Conference is once again concerned and worried about the continuous and widespread incidents of burning of buildings especially schools. Those involved in such acts can never be the well-wishers of the society, not to talk of the movement and these acts are purposely used to malign the movement as authorities and the puppet regime has miserably failed after using every tool in their armory to curb this movement.” 

“Hurriyat is surprised on the reports of some youth indulging in sports activities outside state. We don’t believe in poking our nose in others’ issues but presently the whole nation is unanimously and willfully on protest for the last four months and our wicked and cunning oppressor is using such events to create confusion and chaos. We appeal youth to refrain from such activities,” the spokesperson added.