Time to unitedly voice our concern about rampant drug abuse: Tarigami

While expressing serious concern over the media reports about steep rise in drug addiction in Kashmir, CPI (M) leader  M Y Tarigami today appealed the society as whole to wake up from slumber to counter this menace which is destroying our young generation.

“Kashmir has been through the three decades of turmoil that resulted in increase in psychosocial disturbances. According to experts most numbers of drug addiction cases belong to a very young generation which is not only unfortunate, but disastrous for the society,” Tarigami said in a statement. The grim picture of drug abuse in the Kashmir has put a lot of challenges for the people of the valley in general and for Government agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations in particular. The biggest challenge is the illegal trafficking and sale of drugs within the valley to which police and civil society have an important role to play.