Tinkering with Art 35-A, 370 will be disastrous: Vakil

People’s Conference (PC) senior vice-president, Abdul Gani Vakil, Monday claimed that tinkering with the state’s special status will be disastrous and would alter Jammu and Kashmir’s relationship with the rest of the country.

“Article 35-A and Article 370 are a matter of faith and dignity for the local populace. These articles safeguard the mainstream thought and politics in Kashmir Valley. Any fiddling with them would end mainstream politics in the state,” Vakil said in a statement.

Questioning the decision to deploy 100 additional companies at a time when rumours suggest a threat to Article 35-A, he said that the reaction would manifest alienation.

“The rumors of a possible threat to Article 35-A and other provisions safeguarding our special identity have panicked the people. The promise and stated intent of the ruling party to abrogate the special status is deeply distressing,” he said. The PC leader asserted that any move to “erode whatever is left of the special identity will be counterproductive and would have disastrous consequences”.