To save his life, doctors amputate hand of boy injured in Shopian blast

To save his life, doctors amputate hand of boy injured in Shopian blast

Tahir Sheikh, the class 6 student who was grievously injured in a blast in Meemender, Shopian, yesterday has lost a hand, while he continues to be critical due to a liver injury.

The worst fears of Khursheed Ahmed Sheikh, father of two children (Tahir and Razia) battling for life at SMHS Hospital came true last night when doctors amputated a hand of his 12 year old son. A doctor at Bone and Joint Hospital said Tahir’s right hand was shattered and threatening his life with uncontrolled bleeding. “In a bid to save his life, we had to amputate it,” he said. 

However, they later had to shift the child back to SMHS Hospital when his condition deteriorated. “Tahir was resuscitated and when we found out that he had a liver injury as well, we sent him to SMHS Hospital,” medical superintendent Bone and Joint Hospital, Dr Abdul Rasheed Buddo said. In addition, he has compound fractures in both his legs. 

However, the miseries of the unfortunate Sheikh family do not end here. At SMHS Hospital, the doctors are struggling to save life of Tahir’s cousin, Arsalan Aslam. They fear the nine year old might lose vision in both his eyes, even if his life is saved. 

“He has globe perforation on both sides. Shards from the explosion have wounded his eyes badly,” an ophthalmologist at the hospital said.

A doctor at the hospital said that ophthalmologists operated upon his eyes Thursday morning while he was being sustained on a ventilator. 

A doctor treating him said, “We are doing all we can. It is heart wrenching to see a child in such a bad shape.”

Razia, the younger of the two children of Sheikh has a perforated colon. One doctor treating her said that she was stable but under observation. 

The three children were injured at Memender Shopian when an object they were fiddling with exploded, killing a 12 year old boy on the spot and injuring four more. Three of the injured children had received life threatening injuries.