Traditional parties left no stone unturned to plunder state: Vakil

Peoples Conference senior vice-president and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil on Saturday  said that the twin regional parties of the NC-PDP have played a devious, negative role in disempowering the people of the state by sidelining grassroots democratic institutions and centralising power within two dynastic cores which have drowned the state in mis-governance, nepotism and corruption.

Vakil  in a statement said that “corruption is one of the major factors in distancing youth from mainstream politics and that unending corruption, favouritism and nepotism by the successive NC and PDP governments is the main reasons for worsening of the peaceful atmosphere of the state. It is time for the political leaders to wonder if surrendering their dignity at the service of these two corrupt dynasties is worth it.”

Vakil added that NC & PDP have left no stone unturned to plunder the State and deprive its young of opportunities to dream of a bright future. “Today Dr Farooq Abdullah has the audacity and shamelessness to talk about ending corruption in the state. What about the Rs 115 crore JKCA scam in which he is charge sheeted? If anyone is the prime culprit for loot and plunder of Kashmir’s resources – it is National Conference,” he said.

Vakil also reiterated the party’s commitment to issue a white paper on the erosion of the state’s special autonomous status and said the white paper would list, with details, the complicity of the National Conference and the PDP founders in the erosion of Article 370.

“We will also come out with a white paper on massive loot, plunder and corruption in the State pioneered by the twin dynasties who have amassed thousands of crores in unearned wealth by robbing the State of funds and through kickbacks at the cost of effective development in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.