URS HAZRAT SHEIKH YAQOOB SARFI (RA) | Farooq Abdullah greets people

National Conference President, Dr Farooq Abdullah, Tuesday greeted people on the Urs of Jami Ul Kamalaat Hazrat Ishaan Sheikh Yaqoob Sarfi (RA).

The party President said, “Hazrat Ishaan Sahib (RA) was the biggest polymath of his times. He mastered various streams of literature, linguists and Islamic knowledge. A prominent Sufi Saint of Kubrawiya Sufi order, he has left his remarkable influence on the various aspects of Kashmiri Sufism. He also acquires a prominent position in the political history of Kashmir. On this day, I pay my glowing tributes to the great son of the soul. May the Almighty Allah guide our steps with the teachings of such great men.” Meanwhile, party General Secretary, Ali Muhammad Sagar, senior leader Mubarak Gul and Shameema Firdous also greeted people on the occasion.