Urs of Shah-e-Hamadan (RA) | Farooq, Omar Abdullah greet people

National Conference President, Farooq Abdullah and Vice President, Omar Abdullah Monday felicitated people on the auspicious occasion of Urs of Hazrat Ameer-e-Kabeer, Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) and prayed for peace and prosperity in J&K.

Abdullah while highlighting unparalleled contributions and legacy of Ameer-e-Kabeer said his role in spreading education, enlightenment and peace in the state formed the bedrock of the society’s cultural and religious identity.

He said it was because of Shah-e-Hamdan’s vision that the state became a hub of handicrafts of global fame and repute.

“He is credited with building numerous mosques; he bought land at various places across Kashmir and bequeathed it to Muslims. His relentless service in the field of Islamic learning and socio-political emancipation of the downtrodden is matchless,” said Abdullah. “He encouraged people to live a life of piety and discipline and stressed that the real devotion of Almighty was in the service of suffering man.  He exhorted people to overcome pride, anger, and greed. There is a lot, which the new generation can imbibe from his life and teachings.”

Omar while greeting people on the annual Urs, said “Ours is a society that has been fashioned by the teachings of great Sufis, sages and mystics. The impact of Hazrat Shah Hamadan (RA) on our lives is profound. We should make it a point to introduce our new generation to the life and teachings of such great seers. I extend my warm greetings to people on the auspicious occasion, hoping it brings much needed peace, prosperity and tranquility to the beleaguered lives of the people in J&K,” he said.

Meanwhile, the senior party leaders including Ali Muhammad Sagar, Mustafa Kamal, Nasir Aslam Wani, Muhammad Akbar Lone, Hasnain Masoodi, Mubarak Gul, Imran Nabi Dar and Peer Afaq also greeted people on the occasion. Chief patron Jamait Hamdani, Moulana Riyaz Hamdani also paid tributes to Shah-e-Hamdan and hailed his contribution.