Vakil for unity among political parties to oppose domicile rules

File Photo of Abdul Gani Vakil

Senior Vice President Peoples Conference Abdul Gani Vakil Saturday appealed to all political parties to unite to devise a strategy against the “onslaught aimed to change the demography of J&K.”

In a statement, Vakil hit out at “top political leaders who held top positions” in the erstwhile state of J&K, for failing to raise voice against the “ongoing onslaught and loot.”

“The mainstream top political leaders have collectively failed to safe guard interests of people. With the result our identity, resources, jobs, welfare, all is at stake. Resources are taken over by non locals. What is left for people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Vakil said.

“What made the top political leaders who enjoyed power and ruled erstwhile state for decades together to behave like sitting ducks,” he said.

Vakil said it was a high time to register protest in New Delhi outside Prime Minister’s Office and the time has come that the leaders of all political parties must meet Prime Minister and Home Minister in order to apprise them about aspirations of people.

“The government of India must review domicile rules otherwise it will help in distancing people from the mainstream which is not at all in the interest of nation,” Vakil said.