Vakil terms new land laws in Jammu and Kashmir as 'unacceptable'

Senior Vice President People’s Conference (PC) and former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil on Wednesday termed the central government order of new land laws in Jammu and Kashmir as unacceptable.

In a statement issued here, Vakil said the new laws are creating a gap between people and rest of the country thereby doing disservice to the nation.

“Every day we are witnessing new laws, acts from the central government and it seems they are the hurry and are not bothered about the public interest and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Vakil added.

Vakil said there was a need of a healing touch as people have seen the turmoil over the past 3 decades.

“These things have hurt the sentiments of the people and termed the move of the government unfortunate and unacceptable. People will not accept these things and we will fight democratically and constitutionally to restore the Article 370 which protects the land and jobs here,” Vakil said.

The BJP is doing opportunistic politics to gain the vote banks in upcoming elections in Bihar and other states, Vakil added.