Water shortage sparks protest in Wawoora

The residents of Wawoora, Lolab Tuesday held protests against the Jal Shakti department for failing to provide regular supply of potable drinking water to the area for the past month.

Holding wooden logs and empty pots, a group of residents including women staged a protest at Wawoora main chowk, bringing traffic to a grinding halt for several hours.

The protestors alleged that the area was reeling under acute shortage of water for the past month and the authorities had failed to restore supply or take any tangible measure despite pleas.

“The government has failed to mitigate out problems, forcing us to stage protest demonstrations,” said Ghulam Muhammad, a local.

Another protester said entire Lolab area was facing erratic power cuts and the shortage of water was adding to the miseries of the people.

Meanwhile, an official in Jal Shakti department’s Sogam, Kupwara division said, “Most of the water supply schemes in Lolab area run on electricity and due to regular power cuts at peak hours, we are unable to store and supply water.”

He said until the grievances of the residents are redressed, the department would provide tanker service to them.