Wildlife Deptt grapples with shortage of manpower in Kargil

Wildlife department in mountainous Kargil district is grappling with shortage of manpower and equipment, officials said.

The department was functioning with just one range officer and three permanent wildlife guards who are inadequate and unable to fulfill the mandate of protecting wildlife in the region, the official said.

Regional Wildlife Warden for Kargil, Sajid Sultan admitted that the wildlife department in Kargil needed more staff.

“We are short of the staff here. We have written to higher authorities to post more field staff and officials in Kargil district in order to run the department properly,” Sultan said.

He said that the department needs trained and permanent staff that will be able to control a mob in human habitation during special situations like rescuing endangered animals.

An official of the wildlife department said that Kargil area was home to many wild animal species including some that are endangered, adding that the government should strengthen the wildlife department by bringing in more staff and equipments.

He advocated that government should establish a zoo in the hilly district which can attract locals and tourists and also become a source of revenue for the department.