'Will fight attempts to suppress rights of working class'

Greater Kashmir

Observing May 22 as “Demand Day” in J&K, the CITU on Friday said it will fight back attempts of suppressing rights of working class by the Union government.

The CITU and its affiliated unions across J&K held protests. The CITU leaders said that taking shelter under the umbrella of COVID19 pandemic, the government was taking one or other decisions to attack the working class and common people.

“As people have been subjected to inhuman sufferings owing to loss of jobs, loss of wages and eviction from residences, reducing them to hungry non-entities in the process, the government of the day at the Centre and BPJ-led several states are aggressively moving to push the working people into virtual slavery,” said a statement.

It said the “draconian measures” were not only to facilitate more brutal and cruel exploitation of workers without their rights for collective bargaining, but also to throw them in to conditions of slavery.

The CITU leaders while resenting the anti-poor and anti-labour policies of the Modi government warned it will fight against these “injustices”. They also urged the government to provide food, financial aid and safe passage to all migrant workers amid COVID19 pandemic.

The CITU also demanded to provide free ration to people, including migrant labourers, by utilising the existing stock.

It also demanded an announcement on increased expenditure to strengthen public health system with adequate free testing, hospital facilities, isolation wards and ventilators.