Withdraw cases against Safoora Zargar, others: AICC member

Member AICC and former National President, NSUI, Fairoz Khan on condemned the arrest of Jamia Millia students under the UAPA Act.

“What is more outrageous is the way these students and other activists are being implicated in the cases related to communal violence that took place in Delhi in February end, not to forget in which most of the riot-victims are from the minority community,” Khan said in a statement.

“This is nothing but an infraction of the fundamental and civil rights of the people by Delhi police and abuse of power, by taking the cover of nation-wide lockdown. The actions of Delhi police are not just inhumane and undemocratic but also in every way denying the rights of the students of Jamia and other activists,” he said.

He said besides Jamia students, Zargar and MeeranHaider, President, JMIAA Shifa-Ur-Rehman and other activists have been booked under the UAPA.

Safoora Zargar, a research scholar of JMI hails from Kashmir and is one of the most vocal voices in the University, he said, adding she is media coordinator of Jamia Coordination Committee.

“She was recently married and is pregnant and in her second trimester. Booking her under this undemocratic UAPA is inhumane. I request the Ministry of Women and Child Development and Women Commission India and Delhi to take cognizance of this issue,” Khan said. He said Haider was also a member of JCC.

“This BJP led government fear dissent and criticism and thus make sure they use and abuse all the powers to crack down on all and any voice of dissent and Jamia has always been one of the strongest voices of dissent and have criticised the government on autocratic policies,” Khna said.

Condemning the actions of the government and Delhi police, Khan demand unconditional release of Jamia students, JMIAA President, and other activists who have been “falsely charged under similar cases and withdrawal of all the charges levied on them.”