Won't contest any election till J&K's special status restored: Rohullah

Greater Kashmir

National Conference chief spokesperson Aga Rohullah Mehdi on Wednesday said if his party relied only upon statehood demand and give up the stand on Article 370, his “route will be different then.”

Rohullah said he would not contest any election in J&K till special status of J&K was not restored. “There is no doubt in my stand. I expressed in media repeatedly that I will not contest elections till special status of J&K under Article 370 and 35A is not restored”, he said. He said the state of J&K had entered into “conditional accession” with Union of India in 1947 in which regional autonomy for J&K was agreed upon by both sides.

“But unfortunately this autonomy was brutally harmed during these the last seven decades,” he said. “On August 5, 2019, the regional autonomy was forcibly snatched by the BJP government while taking unconstitutional decisions,” Rohullah said and added “every person living in J&K should have to respond these unilateral diktats.”

He said the decisions taken on August 5 last year will “not choke avenues for present generation only but it will snatch due rights of future generations as well and push J&K into further uncertainty.” Terming the demand of statehood to J&K “ordinary”, he said New Delhi “snatched” rights of people of J&K while scrapping Article 370 and hence the demand of statehood by some political parties was “very much cheap.” “Our struggle should be for restoration of Article 370. India has broken every promise made to J&K. No question arises regarding (me) contesting elections till special status is not restored,” he reiterated.