MS Dhoni to serve with territorial Army in Kashmir

MS Dhoni/File Photo

Former Indian Cricketer and Lieutenant Colonel (Honorary) Mahendra Singh Dhoni will serve in south Kashmir for two weeks without participating in any counter insurgency operation, defence officials revealed to Greater Kashmir Thursday.

According to army sources, Dhoni will proceed to 106 Territorial Army Battalion (Para) for being with the Battalion from July 31 to August 15.

“As requested by the officer and approved by Army headquarters, Dhoni will be taking on the duties of patrolling, guard and post duty,” sources said.

“He would be staying with troops but will not take part in counter insurgency operations,” sources said.

An army official said the plan to deploy Dhoni in Kashmir was in pipeline since long but the approval from the army headquarters was awaited.

“Now that there is a proper approval, Dhoni will arrive in Kashmir on July 30 and start his duties from July 31 officially,” he said.

Earlier, Dhoni had taken a two-month break from cricket to serve his regiment. He holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army unit of the Parachute Regiment (106 Para TA battalion). He was accorded this honour by the Indian Army in 2011.

Four years ago, Dhoni became a qualified paratrooper when he completed five parachute training jumps from Indian Army aircrafts at the Agra training camp.