At 11, he lost an arm, not grit: Meet 'one-handed king' Sayer Abdullah - an off roader

Sayer Abdullah in this file photo

A 23-year-old law student from south Kashmir’s Anantnag district is fighting odds in his life literally “single-handedly”.

Sayer Abdullah, hailing from Vessu village of the south Kashmir district, lost his right arm when he was only 11 years old in a road accident. Sayer fractured his right arm while boarding his school bus, which had to be later amputated by the doctors.

However, the mishap failed to hamper the childhood passion of the “one-handed king”, as he calls himself, for off road adventures and conquering new heights.

“Since childhood, I was passionate about driving and adventure too. After the accident, I took it as a challenge and learned to drive with one hand and soon started driving longer distances,” Sayer said.

Sayer wearing a prosthetic arm as he poses in front of his ‘blizzard’. GK/Special Arrangement

In the meantime, Sayer got to know about ‘Kashmir Off Road’, a group of adventurers, and started following their extreme 4×4 drives on mountain trails of Kashmir.

“Seeing the unknown places they visited and their off-road adventure activities developed more interest in me towards this extreme sport. I was fascinated about the capabilities of a 4×4 car,” he recalled.

He said the off-road motor-sport gives him an “adrenaline rush” every time he gets behind the wheel in his 4×4.

“It has become a part of my life now. I feel it completes me. I want to take my passion to its extreme level by taking part in national driving competitions,” Sayer said while thanking his family for their support in his endeavour.

GK/Special Arrangement

Sayer also thanked Ali Sajid, founder-cum-owner of Kashmir Off Road for his constant guidance and counseling. “I am able to take this passion forward. I now own a 4×4 Maruti gypsy. I call it ‘Blizzard’ which suits my personality.”

As for the off-road group, Sayer is an embodiment of everything that it takes to be a typical adventurer.

“We welcome people of the likes of Sayer Abdullah as a part of our club wholeheartedly. If you have true passion for the sport, you are motivated to take it on at any level and nothing can stop you. Sayer always makes sure to speak only about his passion for driving and his zest for life that seldom anyone would realize that he has certain, call it if you may, a disability. It’s probably his soul strength,” Ali Sajid, Founder-cum-owner of Kashmir Off Road, said.

He wished the young off-roader luck going ahead in his passion.