Div Com rules out another COVID-19 lockdown in Kashmir for now

File photo of Div Com P K Pole

Ending speculations, the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole on Tuesday ruled out another COVID-19 lockdown in the valley while stressing on following the required SOPs.

“I want to negatively reply to the apprehensions among people about another COVID-19 lockdown. There is no such plan with the administration,” Pole said while addressing a presser in Srinagar.

He said that the prevailing situation in Kashmir was not too worse to attract another lockdown.

“Maybe if in future the situation gets worse, an appropriate decision will be taken,” he added.

Pole said that the COVID-19 situation in Kashmir was not as bad as in outside states. However, he emphasised on adhering to the precautionary measures to avoid any untoward situation.

The divisional commissioner urged people to follow the COVID-19 SOPs including wearing of masks, using hand sanitisers and social distancing.

Over the recent rush of tourists into Kashmir amid a rise in COVID-19 infections, the Div Com underlined that around 40% of Kashmir’s economy relies on tourism and allied sectors.

The Div Com further informed that 7.5 lakh people accounting for 10 percent of the population had been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Kashmir so far. He said that 3.6 lakh tests have been carried out per million population against 1.9 lakh national figure.

Pole further informed that a total of around 28 lakh COVID-19 tests have been done in Kashmir so far, which include 20 lakh RT-PCRs and 7.27 lakh RATs.

As per the Div Com, there are a total of 1500 beds designated for COVID-19 patients of which “only 30% are occupied.”

The divisional commissioner said that thirty seven designated hospitals supplied with oxygen are being made functional for which they are tying up with oxygen suppliers.