'Getting COVID after vaccination a possibility, but re-infection will be less lethal'

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Getting infected with COVID-19 even after receiving the vaccination doses cannot be ruled out, however the jabs make the re-infection less lethal, a Hindustan Times report said on Wednesday.

Quoting Chairman and Managing Director Bharat Biotech, Dr Krishna Ella, the HT reported the injectable vaccines “only protect the lower lung and not the upper lung. So the possibility of getting infected by COVID-19 even after getting the two doses of a vaccine is not completely ruled out”.

Dr Ella stressed on wearing a mask even after inoculation to prevent a re-infection.

“That is the problem with all injectable vaccines. The vaccine will prevent the infection from becoming serious. It won’t become lethal, life-threatening,” the HT report quoted him as saying.

Pertinently, India on Wednesday reported a record high of 2,95,041 new COPVID-19 cases and 2,023 deaths.

India has administered over 13 crore COVID-19 vaccination doses with nearly 30 lakh vaccine doses being given in a span of 24 hours, according to data.