Ladakh LG wishes Losar greetings to people

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Ladakh Lieutenant Governor R K Mathur on Monday extended his greetings to the people of the Union territory on the occasion of Losar, while appreciating everyone for limiting the celebrations to their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Losar festival marks the onset of the New Year in Ladakh under the traditional schedule of Tibetan Buddhism.

On the occasion, Mathur commended frontline workers for their sincere and laborious efforts in dealing with the pandemic and stated that the entire Ladakh UT is thankful to them.

Referring to the decision made by many sarpanches, councillors, private organisations, and individuals to restrict this year’s celebrations to their homes, the L-G said this is a reflection of the maturity and responsible nature of the people.

Further, Mathur assured that the Medical Department is sufficiently equipped with medicines.

“Additional oxygen concentrators and compressors will soon be inducted in the department’s inventory,” Mathur stated, while also commending the preparedness of the UT administration for the winter months.

The L-G stated that he is proud to have witnessed the commitment, hard work, and patience shown by the people of Ladakh and all UT administration employees for rendering their duties amidst difficult times.