More samples of dead crows test positive for bird flu in south Kashmir's Anantnag

File photo/Wikimedia

Samples of dead crows has tested positive for Avian influenza popularly known as bird flu in Arbal area of Dooru in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district following which a rapid response team has been constituted. 

News agency KNO quoted officials that ten days ago few crows were found dead in the area after which their sample was taken, which has now been found positive. 

They said that soon after the confirmation of the case, a rapid response team was deployed in the area. 

The officials said that the required SOPs are being adopted fully by the rapid response team even as demarcation of the infected zone and surveillance along with disinfection is also being done. 

They added that officials have been directed to survey and collect samples of the poultry including backyard and commercial poultry farms in the area. 

It is pertinent to mention that cases of avian influenza were found at various places in J&K among migratory birds and crows, however, cases of avian influenza among domestic birds were found so far in Udhampur district only.