Prez Trump understands power of Indian-Americans, says campaign official

File Photo of US President Donald Trump

Indian-Americans have become a force to reckon with in the US and President Donald Trump understands their power, the president’s re-election campaign official has said.

Al Mason, co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee, said at an event organised on Saturday that Indian-Americans, particularly in the battleground states, can play an important role in getting Trump re-elected.

He said his recent survey in these battleground states reveal that the community members are moving towards the president in a big way.

“You, the powerful Indian Americans are a force to reckon with today. You have not realized your own power, but President Trump understands your power, he said.

For the first time in the history of presidential elections, more than 50 percent of Indian-American Democrats are moving towards the Republican party because of Trump, Mason said, adding the vote of the community will contribute to the victory of the president.

Explaining the reasons, Mason, based on a survey, said Trump has respected the community and Indian leadership in a way no other president has done in the past.

“Trump has elevated India’s stature on the world stage – the India-US relationship has been rock solid. Kudos to the brilliance of both President Trump and Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi for cementing the bond between India and US, he said in his remarks at the event organised by the Indian Voices for Trump.

In 2019, Mason explained, when the world was against Modi on the Kashmir issue and world leaders were criticising him, the only man who had the guts to stand by him was Trump.

The president went to the Howdy Modi event in Houston (last year) and never once injected himself into Kashmiri issue … never once interfered in the internal affairs of India . Kashmir is a very sensitive emotional topic for every Indian American, Mason said.

During his India trip early this year, Trump said, America loves India, America respects India and America will always be faithful and a loyal friend to Indians.

All this resonates well with the four million Indian-Americans, he added.

“Every Indian American in the US has a family member back home, like old parents, brother, sister, friend, business – they want India to be respected and protected from China, which is what Trump can provide. They fear that China would start a war with India without Trump. Trump has stood up to China, he said.

Mason had recently created a video Four More Years in support of President Trump reflecting his love for Indian-Americans and friendship with India, which has received over 25 million views.